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Welcome to my website.

The only purpose of this website is to present to you my new novel "Cake"  by Michael B. Edwards. 

Not convinced you should buy it?  Check out some of my sample work on the page.

Still not convinced?  Find another website =)


A Pinot Grigio

10/30/2009 08:44
    In an ambiguous toast with myself I clanged together two glasses Held up a memory, So she’d have something to remember me by One full, a favorite wine of white The other empty, of prudence on rye It sure tasted better Rolling off my face     Yet what have I...

Beating The Veneer Of Mediocrity

10/28/2009 00:00
  I used to see myself in one of those sky high offices. A room with a view of a big city skyline and the rushing traffic below.   I could put my feet up on a beautiful lacquered desk bearing only pictures of my adorable children in the ballet and soccer get-ups, and my beautiful wife in...

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