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Beating The Veneer Of Mediocrity

10/28/2009 00:00


I used to see myself

in one of those sky high offices.

A room with a view

of a big city skyline and the rushing traffic below.


I could put my feet up

on a beautiful lacquered desk

bearing only pictures of my adorable children

in the ballet and soccer get-ups,

and my beautiful wife

in a bathing suit on the beach.


I'd cackle loudly on the telephone for hours,

talking about last weekend's golf outing with my colleagues

and then bark out orders to my underpaid secretary.


I'd take a couple of hours every afternoon

and feast on a 15 dollar BLT and coffee,

then retreat back to my office

where I would finish off the day

admiring myself and my life.


But somehow I wound up in this 30 degree shithole

they call the break room.

Munching on a 3 day old ham and cheese hotpocket,

squinting at a torn piece of paper from a legal pad

with barely legible scribble,

listing my night's worth of clean up duties.


Life has a way of shaking you by the heels.