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A Pinot Grigio

10/30/2009 08:44



In an ambiguous toast with myself

I clanged together two glasses

Held up a memory,

So she’d have something to remember me by

One full, a favorite wine of white

The other empty, of prudence on rye

It sure tasted better

Rolling off my face



Yet what have I done


What have I said

In disorder?

She put my common sense

in question

And my maturity

into perspective

As we spoke to each other

over the music

As we saw each other

Through the darkness and flashing lights



A preferred wine

Over involuntary and trivial conversation

I wanted to drink from this high ball glass

Rather than wax a hollow heart

Or wipe away at two teary windows

A Pinot Grigio

Over my own machismo

To satisfy denounced ambition

Toward the sex of opposite

To relinquish the desire of solitude

She stared a hole through me

My sadistic sarcastic tangible tone

My impeccable deflective

……..manners impeachable



She tipped not her glass or the bartender

But a splash into my face

And I watched her pony tail dissolve

Into the darkness

As her ambitions preceded her frothing crotch

To the next bar stool

As she sought one

With whom she may place her apostrophe.

As I licked my cheeks and chin and fingers

Enjoying the remains of my favorite wine